Garden Maintainence

Garden Maintainence Tips

  • Fertilise gardens every season Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring using Osmocote or All Purpose plant food. Osmocote does not work June to August.
  • Saturaid (Wetting Agent ) every 6 months, this helps water get through to the plants root system and keep moisture evenly spread around the plant.
  • Mulch garden every year with good quality organic mulch.
  • Always make sure fertiliser is applied after mulching and Saturaid.
  • Garden always responds well with a light trim, Spring, Summer and Autumn.
  • Winter prune July, Roses, deciduous trees and good time to transplant most plants in the garden, please email or call if not sure.
  • Snail bait every month with cat and dog deterrent snail bait, apply lightly in bushy areas where snails are hiding.
  • Check garden for animal damage eg. Cats and dogs using your garden as a toilet. Nephrolene flakes or Citrus peal will deter.
  • Possums and Rabbits chewing plants, Blood and Bone will deter or hot chilli paste on fences will help.
  • Birds scratching mulch onto path areas, use gutter guard or plant border eg. mondo grass or Ajuga.
  • Drip watering systems are easy to set up and an economical way of watering the garden.
  • Gardens should be made simple and easy to look after, with good balance and flow.
Garden Maintainence